ICC Group is one of the world’s market leader whose primary focus is the production and exporting of palm oil products, and canned food under world renowned brands.

ICC Group or more commonly known as Intercontinental Commodities Limited  is a focused and well-directed organization with strong beliefs in long-term strategic planning, while at the same time ensuring flexibility to serve customer needs. Under a collaboration of a number of professionals, ICC group contains a diverse portfolio of products and services focusing in the Far East, while concurrently reaching out to customers located in far, isolated areas throughout the world.
ICC group commenced manufacturing operations in 2004, aiming to provide its customers with nothing less than the best in palm oil products, its derivatives, and canned food which are further subdivided into more beneficial by-products.

ICC group has a wide coverage, having penetrated into almost seventy-five per cent of the world, making our mark not only in the Middle East, but also throughout four continents; namely Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

However, being a company set in one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources, we intend to fully utilize the resources and base all our productions from various islands in Indonesia, and ensure that our production is able to meet the demand globally.

Palm Oil and Its Derivatives
With our manufacturing plant located in Medan, North Sumatra, we are constantly updating our system and production quality in order to be able to produce nothing less than the best at highly competitive costs. At the same time, we are perpetually staying on top with the global market situations, while we are venturing into new household products such as medicated soaps, soap noodles, and shortening.


Canned Food
While Indonesia has a wide resource for natural products, it’s water areas provide great fishing grounds for sardines, pilchards, and tuna. The ability to can up to 100 tons per day gives us the benefit to offer the best quality products at very economic costs. The canning process should be the least of your worries while dealing with us, as our canning plant is not only located at a close proximity to the fishing grounds, we also abide by the standards provided by EU and FDA.